Kamthe consulting has a highly qualified team who provides financial consulting services to help you grow your business.

We provide interim Management services and CFO services for small and Large businesses. Our goal is to provide the most value possible to our clients by offering full financial services.



  • Interim Management
  • Creating Business plans
  • Strategic planning, Budgets, forecasts, and cash Forecasts
  • Financial services such as reviews
  • Profit and loss statements
  • ERP Implementation
  • Restructuring
  • Controlling

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Let Financial Experts Help With Your Finances

Kamthe consulting is a small, locally owned consulting firm in Charleston South Carolina that provides outsourced CFO services to companies. With a team of experts in respective fields we specialize in helping businesses manage their financials, forecasting and budgets.

We also provide unique services such as ERP implementation, Controlling services, and support companies with restructuring.

Experts on our team have over 50 years of combined experience working together with boards of directors and executive teams of companies on strategic planning, restructuring and financials to achieve extraordinary goals

Strategic Planning

We can help you develop a strategic financial plan by combining our expertise in the areas of accounting, taxes, and sales with our knowledge of your industry.


Budgeting & Forecasting

We’re more than happy to assist by reviewing your entire budget, forecasts, and actuals vs forecasts. We can also provide detailed analysis of any specific area that’s of concern for your business.


Outsourced Interim Management

Do you need an interim CFO, accountant or controller to step in while your company begins to search for someone else to step into the roles. Kamthe Consulting is fully equipped to do that.

Why Choose Kamthe Consulting?

A lot of companies just provide basic bookkeeping and accounting services, but at Kamthe Consulting, we strive for more. We know that when it comes to finances, your business or company deserves more than just the basics; it deserves a full service company that does everything for you. That’s why we offer so many different services as one company: because we want our clients to be able to get everything they need from us in one place.

Additionally, as a small company, we understand the importance of personalized business relationships and truly getting to know our clients. For any consulting company to do the best job it possibly can, it needs to have those interpersonal skills on top of the necessary expertise in its industry. At Kamthe Consulting, we’re proud of those people skills and use them to learn everything we need to know to successfully assist you with your finances.

When you choose to work with Kamthe Consulting, you’re truly getting the best of both worlds: a small company that places a heavy emphasis on building strong business relationships, and at the same time, a company with a proven track record of financial consulting success that can help your business reach and exceed its goals. 

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In addition to providing financial consulting services, we’re also professional tax experts. To learn more about our parent company, Meadows Accounting, please visit its website.